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What Are The Benefits of Having A Medical Marijuana Card?

You can get your Missouri medical cannabis card if there is a qualifying situation. We encourage all who are eligible to get the medicine now!

The many benefits of a medical cannabis card are numerous, so we decided to highlight some of the most important. This article applies only to states that have medical or recreational marijuana programs.

Treatment for Qualifying Disease

The main benefit of medical cannabis is the relief it gives you from your qualifying condition. Medical marijuana was originally created for cancer patients who are suffering side effects from chemotherapy. Medical marijuana is a versatile medicine that can help with many conditions.

There are many options for medical marijuana products. These products may help you in different ways. So it’s important that you test out different products and doses so you can find the best one for you. An edible, or a longer and slower release of marijuana like edibles, might work for you if you need pain relief. No matter your condition or symptoms, you should discuss your options with your licensed doctor. You can also consult the budtenders at Missouri’s medical dispensary.

Medical marijuana is more potent than its recreationally sold counterparts. The THC level in medical marijuana is generally between 15% and 30%. The potency may be changed to meet your demands. There may be stronger topicals or edibles on the medicinal side in some markets. It’s important that you start small and gradually increase your dose.

You are able to Grow Your Own Marijuana

We are huge advocates of marijuana access. Because of this, we think that one of the greatest benefits of medical marijuana cards is the ability to grow your cannabis. This gives you the ability to purchase your cannabis at your convenience. It is true that growing marijuana takes time and money. However, the long-term benefits you get from it are well worth it. Missouri allows medical marijuana growers to use a different possession limit than other card holders. All plants have height and weight limits that will eventually impact your yield. But it’s still the most cost-effective way for you to have immediate access to your medicine.

It Legally Protects You

A medical marijuana certificate legally protects and proves your right to possess medical marijuana. Missouri has only medical marijuana. Therefore, it is important that you have all your bases covered in case you are pulled over or stopped by police. In some states, medical marijuana cards are not required. You may face fines and even jail if you don’t have proof. It is legal to possess marijuana in Missouri. To do this legally, get a Missouri Medical marijuanaCard and buy your product from a licensed Missouri dispensary.


After you receive a medical cannabis card, you can no longer purchase firearms. A firearm that you have already owned is allowed to be kept. However, concealed carry allowances and other restrictions are applied to firearm ownership. If you are a firearm lover and want to buy firearms in the 12 months following your medical marijuana evaluation, don’t get your card.

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